Welcome To The World

Welcome To The World

This gorgeous gift is perfect for any new addition to the family. 

Approximately 22 newborn nappies are attached to a wireframe creating a 50cm diameter circle of love!

As a supplier of MooGoo, I only use quality everything.  This Australian family-owned business creates products designed to care for fragile newborn skin using high quality and natural ingredients, free of paraffin, parabens and phenoxyethanol.  They’re literally good enough to eat!

These wreaths can be made to order (and I hope they are!).  You can choose nappy sizes, toys, colours and wash cloths or anything else that is at the heart of the new bub and parent.  I can even include a couple of luxury items for the new mum!

22 nappies, 2 toys, 4 coloured washers, a MooGoo baby pack, Curash wipes and 2 Nuk soothers, 2 MooGoo lip balms and MooGoo Nipple Balm.


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