Can I get works custom made?

I can create anything your imagine can think of! If you send me the size and details, I will make your thoughts real. I can create whole walls of cork beauty with your logo or name. These pieces are prized and so unique, made with creativity and love. I can also create wreaths with your colour scheme in mind or Christmas tree ornaments to fit your style.

What about 'Special Occasions' customs?

If you have a special bag of corks that you want made into a life long creation, that is a specialty of mine! Send me through the corks and all of the necessary information and I will send you back the finished product. It can be a wreath, art board or other design. The sky's the limit.

What are Winecharms?

A Winecharm is a small piece of cork on a connector which are put on the stem of your glass. Each one is unique so your guests are able to distinguish their glass. Winecharms are individually priced so you can choose whichever combination you like. There are 3 options: Champagne for all of the Houses you love, wine cork with dates and wine and sparkling corks with patterns and images. Perfect for gifts!

Frame or no frame?

All art boards from Grapes of Wreath are hand made. They can come with a pre loved frame or be made on a pine board for those custom creations.

Portrait or Landscape?

All of the art board creations made by Grapes of Wreath can be hung any way you like. If you 'contact us' with specifics, I will put hangers for your preference.

Postage and Handling

WE CAN SHIP WORLDWIDE. Please conatct us at contact@grapesofwreath.com.au.
Please see the relevant section for more details.